Kelly O'Bryan's Neighborhood Restaurant - Prince George

Great food and great fun at Kelly O'Bryan's Restaurants and Carlos O'Bryan's Pubs.
Prince George is the home of our only Northern B.C location; which is nestled in the downtown core of the city.

We offer a full menu including lunch, dinner and a great drink menu to compliment any occasion.


  • With our restaurants and pubs available in many cities across British Columbia, our Irish themed locations offer a fun atmosphere to all our patrons, as well as an unconditional guarantee of complete customer satisfaction..
  • Both our family restaurants and our pubs feature delicious food and beverages at competitive prices, and caring and attentive staff.
  • Our restaurants are a fun and relaxing place to go for lunch and dinner, and the atmosphere in our pubs will help you have a great time with your your friends and family.
  • We were the first restaurant franchise to introduce the “Birthday Tradition” (eat free on your birthday), because we wanted to thank customers for their support throughout the year.

So if you are travelling around British Columbia and are in any of the cities where we have a Kelly O'Bryan's Family Restaurant or a
Carlos O'Bryan's Pub, or both, we invite you to come enjoy our hospitality!

Kamloops-Kelly O's
PG-Kelly O's
Vernon-Kelly O's
West Kel-Kel/Carl